Vision Inspection

With the increasing demand for 0 ppm in the automotive industry, Davon has made 100% inspection of critical dimensions part of our process for many of the parts we produce.  Hand sorting parts has always been a time consuming and expensive endeavor and with the inclusion of human error was often times not 100% effective.  Because of this, Davon attempted to use another vendor who specialized in vision inspection/sorting, but found that this was still not accurate enough in gauging parts to the tight tolerances that were required.  That is when Davon decided to begin using vision in house.

Davon currently gauges many parts to within +/- .0015 of an inch (+/- .038 mm), or better, on any number of critical dimensions at a time on our 4 vision inspection sorting machines.   We are able to achieve sorting speeds of 1,200 to 4,000 pieces per hour depending on the application.  We can accomplish such high speed alongside accuracy by maintaining four dedicated machines that we built to be flexible and to achieve any possible outcome.  Each machine has its own advantages and depending on the part being sorted we use the machine be suited for the cause.

Our vision equipment includes 1 indexing rotary table, 1 constant motion rotary table, and 2 converyor systems.  The indexing table allows us to fixture parts and hold them the say every cycle – they disadvantage of this system is that speed is sacrificed.  The constant motion rotary table allows us to sort at a much faster pace than the indexing table while not sacrificing any accuracy – the disadvantage to this table is not all parts’ critical dimensions will be visible without fixturing.  Finally, the two conveyor systems that we have at Davon are used to sort parts at very high speeds and we can run applications on these that require up to 4 cameras all inspecting one part.

Please feel free to contact us via our contact form on the website to inquire about feasibility and pricing for your inspection / sorting needs!